Greenhills Golf Club Wedding | Adam & Ally

Greenhills Golf Club was the the location, a sunny Saturday in the summer was the time and the cast were Adam, Ally and their closest family and friends.  Such was the scene for their beautiful wedding in London, Ontario.

After a short stop for photos and a first look before the ceremony, everyone gathered at Greenhills Golf Club in London for their beautiful outdoor ceremony.  Photos, dinner and dancing followed, and a special treat was offered late in the evening.  As the sun went down Adam & Ally performed their first dance underneath a beautiful display of fireworks.

Thank you guys so much for a wonderful day and congratulations.

Milton_Wedding_Photography_002 Milton_Wedding_Photography_003 Milton_Wedding_Photography_004 Milton_Wedding_Photography_005 Milton_Wedding_Photography_006 Milton_Wedding_Photography_007
Milton_Wedding_Photography_009 Milton_Wedding_Photography_010 Milton_Wedding_Photography_011 Milton_Wedding_Photography_012
Milton_Wedding_Photography_014 Milton_Wedding_Photography_015 Milton_Wedding_Photography_016 Milton_Wedding_Photography_017 Milton_Wedding_Photography_018
Milton_Wedding_Photography_020 Milton_Wedding_Photography_021 Milton_Wedding_Photography_022 Milton_Wedding_Photography_023 Milton_Wedding_Photography_024 Milton_Wedding_Photography_025 Milton_Wedding_Photography_026 Milton_Wedding_Photography_027 Milton_Wedding_Photography_028

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