Craigleith Ski Club Collingwood | Geoff & Heather

There is much to say about Geoff & Heather’s wedding at the Craigleith Ski Club just outside of Collingwood, Ontario near Blue Mountain as over the past few years we have become good friends with the newly married couple through our times spent at Cobble Beach.  Both these two seem to always be joyful with life, each other and their family so naturally their wedding would be fun, full of life and laughter, and joyful.

After getting ready at their separate locations the two met along with a church full of people at the First United Church in Collingwood.  The day was quite windy, but beautifully sunny and photos took place at Sunset Beach, The Arboretum and at the Craigleith Ski Club afterwards.  Finding solace from the wind at times was a bit challenging but with a few well placed paths and trees we were able to create some beautiful photos for these two.  I especially like the group photo on the rocks with the whole bridal party (of which there were many members).

The evening was filled with beautiful moments, from funny speeches to wonderful dancing, including a few impromptu numbers by the guests :).

It was a magnificent day and we are so glad to have been part of it.

Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_001 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_002 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_003 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_004 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_005 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_006 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_007 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_008 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_009I must say here that while dad was quite emotional, these two walked down the aisle faster than any father and daughter I have ever seen at a wedding :).

Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_011 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_012 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_013 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_014 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_015 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_016This is one of my favorite group shots that we have done.  The girls were troopers as I made them walk all over rather uncomfortable rocks to get here, but the result was worth it.  Thank you ladies. (guys you don’t get a thank you because you didn’t have heels and you got to keep your shoes on.)

Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_018 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_019 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_020 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_021 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_022 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_023 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_024 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_025 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_026 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_027 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_028 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_029 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_030 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_031 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_032 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_033 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_034 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_035 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_036 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_037 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_038 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_039 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_040 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_041 Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_042Craigleith_Ski_Club_Wedding_043



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