Sauble Beach Wedding Photography | Evan & Hannah

Sauble Beach was the beautiful location for Evan & Hannah’s sunny summer wedding which featured beautiful decor, beautiful people and a fantastic blue sky overhead.  Guests arrived at the family cottage on the beaches of Sauble for a backyard wedding in one of the most beautiful back yards in the area.  We were all treated to a wonderful ceremony, a blessed union between these two, and photos following on the sandy beaches and off at a private property near Wiarton.

This country themed wedding was perfectly pulled off and the guests enjoyed a camp fire, dancing and games late into the evening.

Hannah wore Eddie K, flowers by Bayberry Flowers and Me, and DJ Ktoss hand us dancing all night long.

Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding and congratulations.Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography001 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography002 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography003 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography004 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography005 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography006 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography007 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography008 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography009 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography010 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography011 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography012 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography013 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography014 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography015 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography016 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography017 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography018 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography019 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography020 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography021

Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography023 Sauble_Beach_Wedding_Photography024


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