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Greg & Cheyne’s beautiful spring wedding at Graydon Hall Manor had a beautifully emotion and classic Downton Abbey type feel to it.  These two families coming together couldn’t be a better fit and as always, Graydon Hall hosted a fantastic day.  The ceremony was one of the most touching I’ve seen, with dedications both to each other and to the kids, it made for a very tearful event.

Though the day was a little bit damp, everything being on site and with an indoor option allowed for a smooth, luxurious and romantic event.  Of course photographically Graydon Hall always offers new and interesting vantage points and moments to catch throughout the day.

Congratulations to you all and thank you for having us as part of your wonderful day.




Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_003  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_004  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_005  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_006  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_007  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_008  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_009  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_010  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_011  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_012  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_013  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_014  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_015  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_016  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_017  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_018  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_019  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_020  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_021  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_022  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_023  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_024  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_025  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_026  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_027


Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_028  Graydon_Hall_Manor_Wedding_029





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