Fall Graydon Hall Manor Wedding

Fall at Graydon Hall Manor for weddings is wonderful. Very few places in the city of Toronto have access to beautiful grounds with changing tree colours right on property. One of the things we love about Graydon Hall is that no matter what time of year, there are always incredible photo opportunities.

Places to Take Pictures

When we have an early 20th century stone built estate to work with we have oodles of character and charm any time we point our cameras back towards the estate. This is a big bonus because even if the weather isn’t being friendly, we still have outdoors spots to capture natural photos and photojournalistic moments. Where the property really shines though is in it’s gardens. Through the seasons the blooms, colours and plants are always changing so depending on the time of year, we will get a different look each time. Take for example this shot down near the lower pond with the red Japanese Maple tree overhanging the pond with the beam of light coming down through the trees. This could be a location in a large park or manicured area, but it’s a little spot off to the side of a terraced property filled with opportunities. We love photographing weddings at Graydon Hall.


Night Photos

Though it may be a bit chilly, taking a trek outside during the later stages of the reception is always worth the effort. A highlight to a wonderful day, and an exclamation point at the end of the wedding album, night shots add a closing chapter to the wedding photos. Location: Graydon Hall Manor – 185 Graydon Hall Dr, North York, ON M3A 3B1


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