Ka Ho & To Linh Wedding | Markham Museum Wedding Photography

Markham_wedding_photography_001To Linh & Ka Oh’s spring wedding was a lovely day which took place at the Markham Museum.  The little church on the property acted as the site of the marriage while the beautiful sprawling grounds of the museum was where we spent some time photographing the couple.   Later in the day the Spring Villa restaurant hosted a delicious 10 course meal and graced us well into the evening with their excellent service.   Markham_wedding_photography_002  Markham_wedding_photography_003  Markham_wedding_photography_004  Markham_wedding_photography_005  Markham_wedding_photography_006  Markham_wedding_photography_007  Markham_wedding_photography_008  Markham_wedding_photography_009   Markham_wedding_photography_010  Markham_wedding_photography_011  Markham_wedding_photography_012  Markham_wedding_photography_013  Markham_wedding_photography_014  Markham_wedding_photography_015  Markham_wedding_photography_016  Markham_wedding_photography_017  Markham_wedding_photography_018  Markham_wedding_photography_019  Markham_wedding_photography_020  Markham_wedding_photography_021


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