Serenity Cottage Wedding | Kevin & Amanda

Serenity Cottage on Georgian Bay was the secret location for Kevin & Amanda’s beautiful spring wedding.  Amanda didn’t tell her family where they would be going until a few short days before leaving and she rented the beautiful lakeside cottage for both families to enjoy together for the week leading up to their wedding.  What came together was two families to didn’t know each other well to developing new friendships and a now unified family which is beautiful.

The following day the reception with all the family and friends was held at Cobble Beach on the other side of Owen’s Sound.  They re-created the wedding ceremony, played a video of the previous day’s events and partied late into the evening in celebration of this wonderful union.

We were privileged to be at Kevin & Amanda’s wedding whom we got to know during the engagement shoot in Kelowna which you can see here.

In terms of pictures, the Friday wedding’s weather was absolutely gorgeous.  The crystal blue sky and Georgian Bay allowed for us to make great use of the outdoor areas along the shore and use one of the most stunning parts of Ontario.  We were not quite so lucky on the Saturday as it dropped in temperature, and started raining.  It didn’t however dampen the spirits of the day.

It is always enjoyable to photograph weddings and Serenity Cottage and at Cobble Beach, and this time we were blessed to be able to use both for the same event.  Congratulations Kevin & Amanda.

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