Hilton Markham Hotel Suites Wedding | Aaron & Sophia


Aaron & Sophia’s beautiful traditional Chinese wedding took place at the Markham Hilton Hotel and Suites in Markham.  It was a beautiful gathering of family as Chinese weddings always are.  The morning came early with family tea ceremonies happening before many had risen and had breakfast with Sophia in her beautiful Chinese dress.  As it started at the bride’s house, the party then moved to the Hilton where additional family was told to gather for another tea ceremony followed by a short break before the rest of the day’s festivities carried on.
Aaron & Sophia chose to have their wedding photographs taken before the ceremony and requested to have all of the photos done indoors at the Hilton Markham as the unpredictable weather made it more easily planned if it was all indoors.  We are all fortunate that the hotel has such a nice lobby and restaurant area where we have lots to work with.  One of our challenges as wedding photographers is to mix modern wedding photography with traditional portraiture which is timeless and that we want to be classic 20, 40 and 60 years from now as they show their photos to future generations when styles have very much changed.  I believe the first photo in this group is an excellent representation of the mixture between traditional and modern, using reflections along with beautiful lighting and posing to show off how gorgeous the couple looks, the beauty of the dress and the union between two people and families.

We feel so privileged to capture wedding memories which will live on for many generations and are so pleased we were invited to Aaron & Sophia’s Wedding.


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