Behind the Scenes – 2012

One of our favorite things to do throughout the year is to take embarrassing or blackmail worthy photos of each other to use at a later date :).  These usually involve pictures of us testing light, or of us in “action”.  The result of this year-long obsession results in this lovely blog post of Sherry and David behind the scenes.  One thing we do a LOT of is try to find unusual locations.  Often times we can see what the light is doing before we get to the spot, but others a test subject needs to jump in to see if it is going to be worth asking our couple to venture out on to whatever ledge or precarious position is before us.  We say that we don’t let any of our clients do anything we wouldn’t first do by example.  (I think truly both Sherry and I have a love for adventure, so any challenge to be able to get to a spot isn’t so much of a task as it is a privilege).  So, this first one, took place last January, and as I (David) walked by this spot I thought, “no way is it going to work to do something there as it’s too unstable” (we were at the base of a waterfall and the spray from it had iced up a hedge row and some trees…)  Right behind me however is Sherry jumping out on to the ledge saying “this would work great!”  Having seen this spot in the spring time and knowing what she was walking on, I had a moment of terror as she went further from the stable ground.  However, there she went, actually walking on the top of the frozen trees which led to our couple bravely venturing to where Sherry had these couple pictures taken.  Way to go honey!A lovely face, made by Sherry when the camera is pointed her direction for lighting testing.David under some SWEET blue lighting prepping a same day slideshow.  (either that or he is radioactive)Why is Sherry so excited?  Not sure, but it’s probably because we have such awesome clients.Sherry and I like to direct by example.  So when we give direction, we show you what to do.  Even if it means trudging through a river to get to a particular rock.I think these purses look great on me 🙂Dang, who’s that sexy lady up front!?!?!?Sherry is only 4’9″ tall, so any opportunity she has to “grow” a little is a good thing.I’m not actually sure what was going on here, but it probably had something to do with the “west side”Work that cup of coffee honey!!Nice.Ooooo, catching a glimpse of the David & Sherry daycare service :).This is definitely something taught in every photo school… the “contort your body to any number of angles in order to get a shot” pose.The elusive “lighting” Sherry… rarely seen in photos and usually well hidden.  Oh wow, who is that angel back there?  She has quite a glow to her 🙂I’ve had to apologize a number of times for standing on people’s furniture, but sometimes I need to get elevated (I am only 5’7″ as it is).This is the face that Sherry makes when she really would like me to buy something for her.  AAAANNnnnnnnddd…. it usually works.Whether it is holding up the bride’s dress so it doesn’t get wet, or any number of other things, we are fully committed in allowing our couples have a stress free day.I’m not sure what was down there, but it looks from here that I’m being dragged by a giant alligator into the swamp.Climbing trees is even in our repertoire to get the best possible angle.  I often say they put the best angles in the strangest of places and this is a prime example.I usually try not to get my pants dirty (my wife loves when I get my pants dirty and she gets to clean them) so if I’m on the ground I try to only have my jacket touching it.  Sometimes it fails.Yes, if my hand let go, I would fall into a rather cold lake with camera and all.Ummmmmm… … … … That tree isn’t hiding you!If there was a contest for most attractive shot of a photographer, this would probably not win.Sweet, the tree grew legs!Thank you so much for a year of great memories and great friends.  We would love to see you as part of one of our future adventures.


David & Sherry


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