Bryan & Eden | Brampton Badlands Engagement | Cheltenham Ontario

Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_001Bryan and Eden were seen once before on this blog already.  They were the engagement shoot couple we borrowed to come with us to our epic moon photo seen here.  For their engagement session, we decided on the Brampton Badlands in Cheltenham, which is just a little ways north of Toronto.  However when there, it feels like you are somewhere in Arizona.  We wanted to go with a little bit more of a fashion inspired feel to this shoot, something we are adding more and more of to our wedding and engagement photos.  These two were a perfect fit for this, and I love what came out of it.

Thank you guys so much not only for trusting us but for giving us complete control over the look, location and feel of your photos.  We can’t wait for your wedding coming up this summer.Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_002Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_003Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_004Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_005Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_006Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_007Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_008Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_009Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_010Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_011Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_012Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_013Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_014Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_015Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_016Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_017Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_018Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_019Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_020Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_021Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_022Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_023Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_024Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_025Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_026Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_027Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_028Brampton_Badlands_Engagement_029


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