Richard & Kathleen | Owen Sound Engagement Photography | Inglis Falls

It was so much fun to hang out with this adorable couple on their engagement shoot at Inglis Falls.  I must say, it is not very often that we manage to get someone soaked on their engagement shoot… in fact it is usually I who gets the most wet.  However, in our adventure out into the middle of the river, hopping across rocks, Kathleen had no problem getting back over the stream.  Richard on the other hand, when asked if he wanted a hand said “no, I’ll be fine” and then proceeded to jump right into the river.  I’m sure a graceful leap was planned, but when the shoe hit the slippery part of the rock, gravity took over and right up to Richard’s mid-section was submerged.  We did laugh quite a bit about it, but as it was a wee bit chilly, warmth was the first thing on his mind.

Never the less, we had a great time wandering around the woods, rocks and natural park at Inglis Falls in Owen Sound and can’t wait until their wedding this summer.


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