Ryan & Giselle | Toronto Engagement Photography | Scarborough Bluffs | Oakdale Country Club

The days leading up to this engagement photo session in Toronto was a mixture of clear weather and rain in the forecast depending on the day we checked.  Well, to make a long story short, Ryan and Giselle both currently live out of town so coordinating a day for everyone to get together left only one option and sure enough, there was a big-ol band of rain right over the Toronto area.  No worries, though, because romantic engagement pictures in the rain are awesome!

We were very fortunate to have access to the Oakdale Golf & Country Club Clubhouse and were able to do much of the shooting inside, playing with light coming in from their countless windows.  They even had a few trees left with some beautiful color which was an added bonus.

Giselle hadn’t seen Ryan for a few weeks due to busy schedules and so when they got together it was wonderful.  They hadn’t seen each other for three weeks and it reminded me of Sherry and me when we were doing the long distance relationship thing and how great it was to see each other after a long stint apart.  They were so happy to be spending time with each other, which made for very intimate photos.  I absolutely love how joyful and playful this couple is.  We hit is off right away and had a blast throughout the whole shoot.  It is so important to us to spend some quality time with our clients on during the engagement session so that we are all comfortable together and can have fun while looking for cool light and locations so that together we can create some sweet photos.

After Oakdale we headed through town to the Scarborough Bluffs, where the fields were soaking wet, Ryan’s Italian leather shoes got soaked, I had to balance myself above a large puddle like a tripod on two feet and an elbow to get a shot, we all laughed and played in the rain and in the end had one of the most fun shoots I’ve had all year.  Thank you Ryan & Giselle for being troopers and handling the rain with grace and style.  I can’t wait for your wedding in August at the Chateau De Charmes.
See… there were still a few trees with fall color at the oakdale country club for their engagement photo shoot 🙂It may have been pouring rain at the Scarborough Bluffs… but it was still worth it.

Congratulations guys!


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