Tim & Heather | Kitchener Engagement Photos

David and I met Heather many years ago… but the super cool other half we just met 1 week before the engagement shoot. Tim and Heather are SOOOO cute as a couple and getting to hang out with them on their home turf was a blast. Tim can make Heather laugh and laugh, and Heather can make Tim smile like I’ve never seen a guy with a mohawk smile.

One of Tim’s favorite summer pass times is baseball, so we headed off to a diamond near by for some practice at that great all American game. Although playing ball in heels is not ideal I thought Heather hit a home-run..she looked hot and hit the ball well. Tim when he hits the ball has…well he looks….kind-a-funny.

After a great afternoon practicing ball, we headed off to have a bit more fun with Tim’s other love. His car.


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