Quaaout Lodge Wedding – Chase BC

Tucked in the Okanagan on Shuswap Lake is the Quaaout Lodge Resort where this beautiful summer wedding took place. Together with their family and friends they celebrated their love for each other in this Quaaout Lodge Wedding.

Lakefront Wedding Ceremony

One of the features of the Quaaout Lodge property is their wonderful elevated lakefront ceremony space. Nestled near a beautiful woods and overlooking the Little Shuswap lake it has all the space you could ever want to host your guests.

We were battling with a few challenges on this particular day as it was a little bit windy, so it was better having hair tied up :)… and it was a summer where there had been some forest fires in the area so the skies were filled with the light haze that comes along with the fires, but that just seemed to add to the uniqueness of this day and even produced some incredible images.

This is always one of my favourite shots, and I know I’ve said it before, but so much happens in this small little moment between when the bride and father reach the top of the aisle and when she is presented to her groom… she changes families, the parents give their blessing and this is a most important moment. I LOVE being able to capture every different facial expression that comes from the groom and this wedding certainly didn’t disappoint as this photo shows.

The beachfront, forest, giant willow trees and open grassed areas all allow for a wonderful amount of variety for wedding photos.

I walked out of the venue during the reception for a few minutes to see what the light might be offering… and I was blown away by what was being presented so I rushed back inside, urged the bride and groom to come join me RIGHT AWAY!!!! and we literally ran from the reception spot down to the beach and on to the dock to get in place just in the nick of time to capture this photo. Within about 20 seconds after it was captured the sun tucked behind the clouds not to be seen again. I’d say it was worth the effort.Quaaout Lodge Wedding Photos at Sunset on the Dock


Quaaout Lodge: 1663 Little Shuswap Lake Road, Chase, BC

Just a little hint of what can be done with the photos in the album after the big day.


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