Serenity Cottage Wedding in the Winter in Owen Sound

Serenity Cottage Wedding on Georgian Bay is the perfect spot for a winter wedding in Owen Sound. The quaint cottage has a large space capable of smaller more intimate weddings of 75 or less but offers a luxury to the area that is unique. With a main building near the water where you can host your reception, have your getting ready and even enjoy cocktail hour in a different downstairs space has all the amenities you could ask for. On the lake side of the cottage there is a large hot tub which starts down the path to the water, a perfect vantage point for the wedding ceremony. Such was the case for Mike & Erin’s wedding this winter as for just a couple days the weather turned really nice and warm right after a big snow fall so they got the best of both worlds with beautiful weather and snow on the ground.

The ceremony was held on the stone courtyard overlooking Georgian Bay with crystal blue skies overhead and just a breath of wind. Earlier in the day the sauna room acted as the getting ready room for the boys where not only did they get ready in style they also got some wonderful photographs out of it.

 Though the space is rather small in the main bedroom on the upper floor of the cottage it does have stunning light spilling into the room from the large window in the patio door heading out to the deck overlooking the lake. We love using this spot to create some dynamically lit pictures of the bride in her wedding dress.  We did the first look with dad along the main windows of the living room where we placed dad facing away from the window and just before she arrived we let him know that when we said turn that he would see his daughter for the last time as a single woman.   We took the couple down to the water for some pictures before their ceremony as the sun would be setting rather early so we wouldn’t have much time afterwards to take pics.  Sherry loves taking beautiful detail photos of the rings and other items on the day. This particular shot is of her engagement ring on an icicle.  Something unique that David & Sherry do is when the opportunity provides we will take the bride and groom out during their reception when the stars are out and create stellar photography.  These are created on the day of the wedding and are awesome when the weather is right.  Serenity Cottage can be found here


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