Kawartha Lakes Wedding | Steven & Jennifer

Steven & Jennifer’s beautiful wedding took place at a family cottage on the shores of Kawartha Lakes.  This spot which is full of memories was the site of a beautiful union which incorporated their love of travel, their love of family and their love of each other.

When walking into this reception each guest was to consult the departure board and pick up their boarding pass before flying in to arrive at their destination table.  The favours were chocolate airplanes and travel tags and it was a wonderful way to help everyone enjoy the couple’s love of travel.

The day didn’t have perfect weather as there was rain which came in and out of the day, but there was a clearing long enough to hold the ceremony outside on the lawn of the cottage with some beautiful blue skies and wonderful lakefront feel.

By the end of the night two families had become one and it was a great day.

Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_002 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_003 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_004 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_005 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_006
Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_008 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_009
Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_011 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_012 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_013 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_014 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_015 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_016 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_017 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_018 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_020 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_021Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_024 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_022 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_023 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_025 Kawartha_Lakes_Wedding_Photography_026


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