Port Dover Wedding Photography | David’s Restaurant | Kevin & Sarah

Beautiful lakefront property, perfect weather and a gorgeous ceremony were some of the highlights from Kevin & Sarah’s wedding at David’s Restaurant in Port Dover, Ontario.  This fantastic location to get married is enhanced by the wonderful food and excellent service provided by the restaurant staff. On the back lawn, overlooking Lake Erie with blue skies overhead Kevin & Sarah tied the knot.  Their friends and family looking on celebrating with them on this wonderful day.

It is always a privilege to be invited to a wedding, and when we have such beauty in our couple as well as our location it makes our job even more fun.  From photos on the dock, to exploring the beautiful restaurant late in the evening, I love the pictures that came out of their day.

Congratulations Kevin & Sarah and may your years be blessed.


Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_002 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_003 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_004 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_005 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_006 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_007 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_008
Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_010 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_011 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_012 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_013 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_014 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_015
Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_017 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_018 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_019 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_020 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_021 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_022 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_023 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_024 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_025 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_026 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_027 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_028
Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_030 Port_Dover_Wedding_Photography_031

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