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This fall we had the privilege to photograph Geoff & Heather on their family’s farm in Heathcote, Ontario.  When you have such beautiful property with vistas, lakes, orchards, barns and horses, one must try to get it all in :).  We weren’t sure what we were going to get with weather as while we were driving there torrential rain was coming down.  As is often the case in Ontario torrential downpours doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be sunny in just a few minutes.  We went driving around the property looking for good photo spots and sure enough the sun peaked out long enough for us to get some beautiful views of blue mountain and the valley.

Congratulations Geoff & Heather, we can’t wait to be there for your wedding this coming summer :).

Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_002– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_003– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_004– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_005– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_006– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_007– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_008– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_009– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_010– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_011– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_012– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_013– –Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_014Thornbury_Heathcote_Engagement_Photos_015


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