Port Elgin Wedding Photography | Tent Wedding | George & Stephanie


A wedding in Port Elgin is often blessed with beautiful blue skies and water, and with the city resting on beachfront property there are gorgeous vistas and views of the lake and the surrounding nature.  However some days the fog rolls in and the water can scarcely be seen.  Such was the case for George & Stephanie’s wedding which they had planned to hold on the beach, but threatening weather moved it into the tent they had beautifully decorated for the reception.  However damp the weather, it did not dampen the spirits of our wonderful couple.  They seamlessly switched the plans, set up the aisle runner in the tent and got married under the white tent being speckled by rain.

There was a small break in the weather though, and we rushed out to the beach to take some photos with the bridal party and with our couple.  It is not often we get such a unique set of circumstances for wedding formals photos, but I love what came out of it. Stephanie was also a trooper, as the temperature was less than desirable :).

The wedding itself was a wonderful celebration of love, and the joy and friendship between the two families was awesome.  These two are blessed not only to have found each other but also to have the new family which they do.

Congratulations George & Stephanie.


Stephanie’s details were stunning.  From the beautiful dress to the jewelry and shoes, she was put together perfectly.  Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_03Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_04Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_05Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_06Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_07– Unfortunately the first sign had to be used, but throughout the day there were little touches of antique signs, and doors and items to give the wedding a truly fantastic feel. Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_08Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_09Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_10Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_11Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_12Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_13Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_14Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_15Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_16Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_17Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_18Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_19Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_20Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_21Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_22Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_23Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_24Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_25Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_26Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_27Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_28Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_29Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_30Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_31– I absolutely love this photo of George looking on full of emotion while Stephanie dances with her father.  It is a beautiful display of the emotion always present at a wedding.Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_32Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_33Port_Elgin_Wedding_Photography_34


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