Top Wedding Photos of 2012

I know it’s well into the New Year but I love these photos so much that I had to share them with you, as the expression goes…better late than never.  I have compiled a list my top 10 favorite images from last year in three categories; Wedding, Engagement, and Details.  If you are one who counts the photos… there are actually 11 :(… oh well, I guess we weren’t able to narrow it down quite that far.  So, without further ado, our top 10 (11) wedding photos from 2012 as judged by us.

These first two were taken at Cobble Beach in the spring time and one of my favorite things to do is to go back to a location we have shot before, and find something new and interesting in it.  One of the signature features of Cobble Beach is their lighthouse, and I’ve seen it used and have used it myself many times and in many different ways.  This one though I hadn’t seen until Cyrus & Gen’s wedding and with her pink accented dress and vintage feel to her wedding, this shot fit them perfectly.

To see the whole wedding Click HERE

Click HERE  To see the whole wedding at the Westin Prince Hotel

Shazia & Adils wedding in Toronto featured a very warm day and a very busy day downtown.  One of Shazia’s requests was that we get a shot of them with the BMO building behind them as that is where they first met.  Away we went down the street and I must say that was a great request.  I love what came out of it.

Click Here for Shazia & Adil’s wedding

I love this one because we had a break in the later part of the day and one of the guys said… “Hey, that great burger joint is nearby, let’s go grab some burgers!”  So, that’s what they did, and I have to say that they truly were awesome burgers.

Joy & Nathan came all the way from Australia for their wedding.  We played around with her beautiful dress downtown in Brampton and sometimes things just work out well.  Like with this photo :).

Nathan & Joy’s wedding Click HERE

Stephanie & Hiram’s Wedding Click HERE

Garrison & Tara had their formals taken at More’s Gardens in Owen Sound, and as before, this is a location I have been to many times and I love the old staircase.  However I’m not sure how I’ve missed this before, but as I was coming up the stairs I looked up and to my amazement was this fantastic angle.  So after a little coaching and some off camera lighting being held by my lovely wife above, voila.


Garrison & Tara’s Wedding Click HEREI was so pleased with this wedding at Graydon Hall Manor with Tom & Kate as something that very rarely happens, happened at their wedding.  The weather was supposed to be 3 degrees, which means no snow.  Well, just as we were about to go out to do formals, the snow started falling!  The temperature still read above freezing, but it happened and it lasted only for as long as we were out taking photos.  I must say I was so grateful, and still love the photos that happened that afternoon.

Tom & Kate’s Beautiful wedding Click HERE



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