Our best Canadian wedding photos of the year

What an awesome year 2011 has been.  We have been overjoyed with the awesome clients we have had the opportunity to work with this year and we have made so many new friends.  I have been looking forward to this post all year as I love going back through our work and trying to narrow down to the best images Sherry and I created this year and boy was this ever a hard one to narrow down.  I have so many top photo favorites from this year that it was hard to choose what would be included in our best wedding photos for this year.  As photographers it is difficult to look at your own work and determine what to list as favorites.  As I did with the last post on engagement photos I shall give you a little insight into some of these photos, so enjoy.

Let’s start with some Details

For all of you girls who love shoes, this one is for you 🙂  A beautiful pair of Christian Louboutins.Sherry is awesome at setting up and capturing details at a wedding and this flower shot when she showed it to me got me all excited.As you can see, Sarah wore a pair of red shoes for her wedding, so what better way to show them off than in a photo like this?Candice had asked for some really nice ring shots during her wedding day, so Sherry took a bit more time than she usually does with them, and I think that time was well spent!These next 5 images were thought up when we first met Jeff & Regan.  When we first sat down with them to talk about their wedding we asked them what their wedding was going to look like.  Jeff replied “monster trucks and camo”.  He was of course trying to be funny, but we wanted to call him on his joke, so we picked up a Hot Wheels monster truck and took a few shots with it through the day.  One of my favorite times of the wedding day is when the bride is getting ready.  So much attention and effort is put into hair, makeup and overall beauty with the dress, I love capturing some beautiful images of our brides at their best.I asked Leanne after the wedding what Jordan said that made her laugh like this… She had no idea.  It will remain a mystery :D.In the morning when getting ready, not too many guys ask for a shot of this or that, but when I arrived Chris said, I want a shot with me and my guys playing video games… Well, here you go.This was another one that I thought of during our initial consultation.  Leanne said to us, I know it’s cheesy, but I want the guys to hold me up in the air.  I secretly thought, it would be better if they were throwing you in the air :)… so I told the guys to throw her in the air without Leanne noticing, and as they had her held, up she went, complete with an excellent expression.Bride & Groom TogetherSherry says that I’m addicted to reflections… she may be right.Chris and Vaarika were such troopers for this photo, as it started raining and there was mist coming off the waterfall but they hung in there.Group PhotosWait a minute… is that Sherry on the left of this photo :D… I am somewhat biased by this group shot, as it’s Sherry’s sister getting married.What I love so much about this one, is that it wasn’t even our car :D… One of the guys went and asked the driver if we could take a shot with the car before the other bride and groom came in.  It was quite amusing.  Night ShotsWhat better way to end off the year than with the last formal photo we took this year.  Tyler and Cassandra, who were married in November, were out in the chilly weather and Sherry said to me “what about over there”… so I encouraged Tyler and Cassandra to do one more shot.  Thank you so much for following our blog this year.  We are so grateful to have a whole bunch of awesome people checking out our work.  We can’t wait to show you what’s coming for 2012.

David & Sherry


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