Epic Heli-Ski Wedding in Whistler

Whistler Heli-Ski Wedding

It’s not every day you get to witness a Whistler Heli-Ski Wedding at the peak of Mt. Currie in beautiful British Columbia. This epic adventure mountaintop wedding was an amazing elopement at the top of Mt. Currie near the world-renowned Whistler resort. Made possible by the amazing people at Blackcomb Helicopters, this is a day we will all remember forever.

Tina & Brent wanted to do something a little different for their marriage… So the organized, planned and executed their dream ceremony and thankfully they even ordered the weather… just at the right time.

There are challenges that come along with planning any wedding day, but this was the first to include avalanche safety training at the Pemberton Heliport for Blackcomb Helicopters, refitting my camera bag to carry a snow shovel, and attaching a gps locator to my body. It was also the first wedding day where our transportation away from the wedding site was waxed on the bottom and we had to strap into it with special boots!

The Adventure of Mountaintop Elopement

It was an early start the wedding day at the Nita Lake Lodge in Creekside, the village down from Whistler, and after layering up and a few morning photos we headed for Pemberton to get ready for our flight.

Arriving at the Heliport the temperature was down right cold and the wind was blowing very strongly. We were concerned we wouldn’t be able to fly. However we were blessed on this day because as we spent time training for the day and getting fit with the right gear the wind started dying down. We ascended the slopes in rapid fashion as the helicopter took us up and after a perfect landing right on the peak we stepped out to find the wind almost stopped, the temperature higher and comparitively warm!

It was decided this was the perfect spot, and we set up and performed the marriage ceremony.

Mountaintop Wedding Photography

In between the ceremony and heading down the hill on our boards we explored the top of the mountain for some beautiful photos. The challenge is to stay far enough from the edge so as to not fall off as the snow lips created by the wind are not stable. Fortunately, when you’re on the top of the mountain the view is amazing no matter which way you look. The view of Pemberton Valley below and the surrounding mountain range all around is enough to bring tears to your eyes, or at least it was for me. The portraits of the bride and groom are some of my favorites that I’ve had the privilege to capture.

What a view!Blackcomb Helicopters WeddingIn case you are interested in how I was dressed for this adventure :).  Whistler Valley with Whistler and Blackcomb in the background.Whistler Village Wedding Photo The day started at the luxurious Nita Lake Lodge for the wedding day.

Location: Mt. Currie in Pemberton

Transportation: Blackcomb Helicopters

Hotel: Nita Lake Lodge

2nd Location: Whistler, B.C.



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