San Marino and Tuscany Pre-Wedding Engagement Photos

San Marino Pre-Wedding Destination Engagement Photos in Italy this past year with Ed & Kate was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  Originally intended to be a Tuscany and San Gimignano only tour we got looking into some of the beauty of the surrounding country side and we had to add Positano and San Marino to the tour.  Ed & Kate happily agreed and made it a wonderful few days with these two awesome people.

If you’ve never heard of or seen San Marino and you love to travel you should take note right now and put it on your bucket list.  The sovereign republic which is surrounded by Italy has a grand total of 61 square kilometers to it’s name and it’s city of San Marino has not only one of the most beautiful plots of land in the world but also has quite possibly the most defensible plot.  This second factor is one of the reasons it has the oldest written governing constitution still in effect anywhere in the world.  It was established in 301 AD.  Needless then to say is there is much history to this wonderful place.

In all the travel that I have done through my life, this is the place where I most felt I was in another world.  The relative height to it’s surrounding area, it’s sheer cliffs and it’s feeling like you are living in the clouds makes this place surreal and I can’t wait to go back :).  It doesn’t hurt that it’s two peaks are dominated by ancient castles.

San Marino Destination Pre-Wedding Photography

The second city in this Epic Couplescape is the city of San Gimignano in the heart of Tuscany.  Located about 45 minutes from Florence, this city of towers was founded also in the 3rd century.  Yes, that’s a lot of years ago.  Read about the history of it in this article. 

As you walk through it’s streets it’s as if you were walking in the 11th century, with the modern conveniences of some of Italy’s best gelato which we partook of about 7 times in 3 days… yes we did have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Saffron Creme gelato was to die for :).

San Gimignano Destination Pre-Wedding Photography

Tuscan Village wedding Photography 
005 006
San Marino Wedding Photography
008 009We also made our way to Positano, Italy, which is one of the most well known tourist destinations along the Mediterranean and not much needs to be said about the beauty of this place. Destination wedding photography positano italy 011 012 013 014Also on our ventures was this little village of Petrognano, which much lighter on history than the other two still was overthrown by the Florentians in the 1100s for being along the main trade route between Pisa and Florence.  015 016
Positano Pre-Wedding Destination Amalfi Coast Photography

Come along with us on our next Couplescape adventure.


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