Cambium Farms Art Deco Wedding | Steve & Lauren

Steve & Lauren’s beautiful art deco meets country rustic wedding was a fantastic affair.  The little details, the overall look and feel and the beauty of the event was an evident outcome of Lauren’s planning and vision to how she wanted her day to look.  Her dress was a 1920s inspired design and she wore a piece of her grandmother’s jewelry as a headpiece which to say the least, was striking.

The day took place at Cambium Farms just outside of Orangeville, Ontario.  Cambium Farms is a beautiful spot for weddings as they have a full sized barn and property for larger events, and the ceremony site is private and outdoors.  It certainly helps that they had beautiful blue skies and warm weather to accompany us all as we enjoyed celebrating with the newlyweds.

Congratulations to you both.

Glam-art-deco-wedding-001 Glam-art-deco-wedding-002 Glam-art-deco-wedding-003 Glam-art-deco-wedding-004 Glam-art-deco-wedding-005 Glam-art-deco-wedding-006 Glamourous Art Deco Bride Portrait Glam-art-deco-wedding-008 Glam-art-deco-wedding-009 Glam-art-deco-wedding-010 Glam-art-deco-wedding-011 Glam-art-deco-wedding-012 Glam-art-deco-wedding-013 Cambium Farms Wedding Ceremony Glam-art-deco-wedding-015 Glam-art-deco-wedding-016The bride and groom chose to jump over a broom to get leave any negative energy/bad luck behind us and leap into a positive future. Glam-art-deco-wedding-017 Glam-art-deco-wedding-018 Glam-art-deco-wedding-019 Glam-art-deco-wedding-020I personally love this group photo as it encompasses what the wedding was to Lauren.  A bit of 1920s high fashion meets country.  Cambium Farms Group Photo Glam-art-deco-wedding-022 Glam-art-deco-wedding-023 Barn Wedding Cambium Farms Orangeville Glam-art-deco-wedding-025The laneway up to Cambium farms is tree lined and beautiful.  We spent some time here with photos as the light was gorgeous as were the subjects :). Glam-art-deco-wedding-026 Glam-art-deco-wedding-027We always love to take people out at beautiful light in the evening and get some photos that add to the overall look and feel of the wedding.  We had a subtle but beautiful sunset and were able to capture some sweet shots for them.  Sunset Silhouette at Cambium Farms Wedding Glam-art-deco-wedding-029 Glam-art-deco-wedding-030 Glam-art-deco-wedding-031



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