Grouse Mountain Winter Wedding

A fantastic sunset, a gorgeous view of Vancouver, and an intimate wedding ceremony highlighted the day of Caleb & Sharleen during their Grouse Mountain Wedding this winter in Vancouver.

The day started with a ride up the gondola which took us from a balmy +9 degrees up 3500 ft to the peak of Vancouver called Grouse Mountain and a host of people skiing in -1 degree weather.  We rose up into the clouds which were covering the mountain early in the day and though the weather called for clearing, you’re never quite sure when the fog covers the mountain and we were hoping for a clearing.

Vancouver wedding photography at the top of Grouse Mountain during a beautiful sunset and a wonderful view of downtown vancouver

We started the day photographing Caleb & Sharleen when a clearing showed up allowing us to shoot the beautiful scenery around Grouse Mountain and to our absolute delight all of Vancouver was clear below us and we were very pleased.  To our absolute delight, as the sun went down the sunset glow lit up the sky and we were blessed with a gorgeous sky where we made some beautiful Couplescapes with the downtown of Vancouver.

The wedding took place in the chalet at the peak of Vancouver and was a beautiful and intimate affair with their close family and friends.  As the sun set, the ceremony started and the lit ceremony area around the fire place provided a warm and loving setting for the planned union.

The evening went into the evening with a fantastic dinner catered by Grouse Mountain and it was still clear into the evening to get a beautiful nighttime view of the downtown core.  The family events were also in full swing and we got to go play with the walk of lights for some beautiful evening photos.

We are so privileged to have been with Caleb and Sharleen and wish them the best in their marriage.

Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-002 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-003 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-004 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-005

Mountain setting through the trees during this wedding at Vancouver's highest venue. Top Photographers David & Sherry Buck capture beautiful wedding image.
Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-007 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-008 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-009 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-010 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-011 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-012 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-013 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-014 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-015 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-016 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-017
Night time lights at grouse mountain for this luxury wedding, photography by David & Sherry
Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-019 Grouse-Mountain-Wedding-Winter-020 Overlooking the city of Vancouver in the distance with this night photo of a wedding at Grouse Mountain in the winter Luxury wedding photography with great color and sharpness shot at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, B.C. A perfect place for unique, interesting and luxurious and stylish wedding and pre-wedding photos.


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