Cherry Beach | Toronto Engagement Photos | Erez & Lisa


Erez & Lisa, a fantastic loving couple who are always close and always competitive.  I mean we even had a race during the engagement shoot (which Erez won) and it fits these two perfectly.  These two who are crazy about fitness and each other fit together like two peas in a pod.  (yes I just used that analogy)

The engagement shoot took place in a little used but beautiful part of Toronto called Cherry Beach.  For some reason, there are never very many people on this beach which makes it an exclusive getaway from the city.  Lisa & Erez like to come down to the beach to feel for a moment like they are on vacation somewhere tropical.  With it’s three distinct beaches, there is always room to find space to yourself.  Our day was cloudy, and it rained near the end of the shoot, but that did not dampen the romance between these two.

We can’t wait until your wedding this summer and we are so excited to see you begin your married life together.


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