Jonny & Kari | Owen Sound Wedding Photography | Grey Bruce Conservation Area

Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_001This romance started in the most likely of places… The ultimate frisbee field.  I know what you’re thinking, every great romance starts on the sports field, and for these two all it took was one throw of the frisbee.  We have known these two for a long time, and as it happens, one day I even broke Jonny’s wrist :).  Of course that was due to a high speed collision on the frisbee field, and to make matters worse, we were on the same team.  Oh well… all is forgiven.

They were married on Thanksgiving weekend under beautiful blue skies with their family and friends present.  We did their formals at the Grey Bruce Conservation Area and their wedding was held at the Alliance church in Owen Sound.  The two of them had so many beautiful touches to their wedding, especially the hand crafted wooden heart that Jonny made, and the incredible decor that Kari put together.

The photos of the boys to follow are airsoft guns… and we had a great time doing these.  Some of my favorite guy pre-wedding shots of the year.Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_002Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_003Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_004Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_005Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_006Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_007Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_008Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_009Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_010Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_011Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_012Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_013Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_014Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_015Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_016Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_017Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_018Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_019Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_020Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_021Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_022Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_023Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_024Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_025Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_026Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_027Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_028Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_029Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_030Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_031Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_032Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_033Owen_Sound_Wedding_Photography_034


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