A Year in the life of David & Sherry

Sherry and I have a whole bunch of fun doing what we do.  In doing so, we like to get a few pictures of ourselves in action through the year so that we can put this blog post up which usually pokes fun at the two of us.  As I always say, you gotta make people laugh whether it’s with you or at you :D.  Many times throughout the year Sherry would be sorting through the images from a wedding and just start laughing as one of her favorite things to do is to “pop” up in a photo where I’m not expecting.  You shall see some examples.

Some of you follow our blog with each new post and have seen the photos we take, so we just wanted to give you a little behind the scenes look at how we do what we do and to show you how much fun we have doing it.  We love going to the extreme to get great photos and we want to have a good time while doing it.  I’ve also linked some of the comments to the shoot each of these photos is part of.

The following images are some of our favorites from the year, and above some of them I will add a few comments or the story behind what happened.

Enjoy.  I know I did while writing this post.

  Sometimes it is necessary for me to carry a few items for our clients during the shoot… in this case, jackets 😀  I suppose this is one way to stay warm.  *Shoot*

You gotta love the nose pressed into the camera look… My best sideThe best angles are usually reserved for the most awkward place.  This one hurt quite a bit as there was a sharp point in the rock pointing up into my hip.  The image was worth it though. *shoot*Sherry and winter go really well together and when we are together and there is snow involved, I usually get a large ball of it in my face.  Sherry is not excellent at throwing a baseball/softball or any other kind of ball accurately, unless it’s a snowball, then her accuracy increases to 99.9%.You may ask yourself what advantage there is to my position here on the left… to which I would answer, “I have no idea” but it seemed like the right thing to do. *shoot*This was one of the funniest things that happened this year.  As we were walking back to the car after an amazing but long shoot we were treading carefully over some deep snow that we could pretty much walk on.  Our clients were wearing snow shoes, but we were not.  I was leading the pack, and as I stepped down a hill my leg sunk into the snow all the way to my hip and I face planted, camera and all straight into the snow. Imagine my surprise.  As I pried my head out of the snow all I hear is Sherry and our two clients laughing hysterically at what they saw.  I suppose I can’t blame them, I’d have been laughing at me too.*shoot**shoot*No too sure what was going on here… but I’m sure you could make up a good story.The creativity goes up immensely as soon as one lifts their legs up 😀 *shoot*We’ll call this section “Where’s Sherry” and make a game out of it.  *Shoot**shoot*I have gotten myself into a lot of trouble running backwards into things or off things.  I have run off a tee box and fell over, I have run over tourists walking down the street, I’ve almost been hit by cars… … … Maybe I should be more careful and have a beeping back up indicator.Need I say more? *shoot**shoot*ummmmmmm….??? *shoot*Sometimes a person just needs to be taller.  In this case the Honda Civic did a lovely job 😀  Look ma, I grew! *shoot*This was taken during a family shoot and I took the mother and father aside for some shots together and she said to me “Hey, look at Sherry, doesn’t that look good on her?” *shoot*Very rarely are we ever taking pictures of ourselves… but every once in a while it’s a good thing.  Man am I ever wrinkly!  I must laugh a lot! *shoot*Sherry is in a way an animal whisperer.  It doesn’t seem to matter what animal is nearby, Sherry will try to feed it and often succeeds.  Give her a chipmunk or a ground squirrel, she’s content for hours.  I just hope we don’t run into any bears!*shoot*I do realize there is oodles of space to my right and left and that I don’t have to act like a cannonball?*shoot*Sherry works well as a light stand… she even has brackets for two flashes at once!Often during wedding I will get Sherry to be a test subject for lighting.  Of the many faces she makes when I take a picture of her, this is one of the kindest.*shoot*One must take a nice wide stance when they are photographing… apparently. *shoot*The composer of family shots.  I’m sure she should use a baton some times.A friend of ours was intrigued by the remote flash so we showed him how it worked.Nice one honey!I find it works best in order to show someone what you want them to do to use the mirroring technique.  In other words, I show them what to do. I knew I’d learn something by watching America’s Next Top Model. *shoot**shoot*Sherry is also amazing at giving direction and interpreting what I’m asking when I’m out of vocal range.  Somehow I just wave my arms and throw my head back and Sherry knows what I’m talking about and asks our bride and groom to do it.  *shoot* I like to call this one… Creepy.  Um honeyLast but not least, this is now my Facebook profile picture, but Sherry took the photo after having put a leaf in my back pocket and she wanted to see how long it would take me to notice.  It was at least a half hour. *shoot*


I can’t wait for an amazing bunch of memories that will come next year.


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