Jay & Sarah’s Walters Falls Wedding

Late last year Sherry and I got a bit behind with keeping up blog posts, and as a result, a few of the weddings and shoots we did late last year are going to be posted now :D.  I wouldn’t want to miss out posting our second celebrity wedding!

Jason & Sarah Fabok were married December 4th, 2010 at Evangelical Fellowship Church in Owen Sound, then had their reception at the Walter’s Falls Inn.  It was a beautiful snowy day, and in fact so snowy, that between the formal photographs location and the reception, Sarah had to drive because the other people in the car didn’t want to drive with so much snow falling being that they weren’t used to our northern snow!  Their wedding day was to say the least awesome!  The bridal suite at Walter’s Falls is gorgeous and the beauty of Sarah and her dress made it look even more spectacular.  Sarah did the majority of the decorating herself, including the guys boutonnieres.  Great job Sarah.

Now residents of Windsor Ontario, Jason Fabok is becoming a world famous comic book artist with DC and Aspen Soulfire Comics.   He is now living his dream as he is drawing Batman for DC!  (The Dark Knight #4 to be exact)

Jason and Sarah are awesome people and great friends.  I can’t wait to hang out with them next time we’re in the Windsor area.  Congratulations guys on both your wedding and on getting your dream job!



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