Things I love! – 5 Cent Candies

One of my (David’s) favorite things in life is 5 cent candies.  Especially the ones you get at 7-11.  Now, for those of you out west, 7-11 is everywhere, but apparently in Ontario these are not quite so prevalent.  You can find decent gummy candies at Bulk Barn, but not these ones in particular.  These are SUPER SPECIAL :D!

Let me give you a little glimpse into my childhood… When I was younger, we lived out on a farm and none of our friends parents wanted to drive ALL THE WAY out to our place so we could play with our friends, so most of the time it was just my brother and I.  So we found some rather entertaining things to do without our friends.  Some of them included:

1. Going to Dogwood Bowl with a bag full of quarters and playing the arcade game “Raiden” until we had the high score

2. Playing Ping Pong until we couldn’t walk and our clothes were dripping with sweat

3. Going to Bug-Eye video and renting Top Gear 3000 for Super Nintendo and playing it until we were driving in space in the video game

4. Playing a really ghetto original Nintendo game called “Bases Loaded” and singing made up songs while laughing all the while long with character names in the game like “Norkus”

All of this is irrelevant to the candies except for the fact that any time we decided to do any of these things we would go to 7-11 and be truly like kids in the candy store.  We would grab our little plastic bag, then count and fill individual candies to our bags making sure we had the right proportion of each candy until our bags were full and we’d eat them while doing whatever activity for the rest of the night. “I had lots of cavities as a kid :D”  You would think… oh that’s great to do as a kid… the only problem is I STILL DO IT AT 28!!!!! 😀

Anyway, the best of the candies were what we call Sour Pink and Blue Bottles.  To my amazement, they are only sold at 7-11 and in Europe.  So a few weeks ago I had a hankering for some pink and blue bottles which are officially called Chewits Fizzy Blue Bottles Bubblegum Flavour Jelly Sweets.   I couldn’t find a 7-11 and I was almost ready to order them from Europe when I was at my in-laws and laid down on my bed to go to sleep and there under my pillow was a WHOLE BAG OF THE BEST CANDY IN THE WORLD!!!! 😀   Needless to say I was more excited than I have ever been on Christmas morning, with the exception maybe of this Christmas when my brother bought me a 5lb tub of Red Vines… but that’s a whole nother story.

So here I sit, with a bag full of goodness, savoring each and every one ;D.   And for those of you who would argue that these are not the best candy in the world… You’re Wrong 😀

*Update – I have been getting a bunch of hits on this post for 7-11 5 cent candies, and I thought I would update you on my progress.  The supplier to 7-11 is Tosuta International Sales – and I am currently waiting to see where else they distribute these delicious candies.  They are Koala Brand Sour Bubble Gum Bottles :D.


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