Norman & Samantha are married!

Norman & Samantha are so cute. Norman is an off the wall go, go, go kind of guy who keeps you on your toes, full of ideas and always ready to get things done. Samantha keeps Norman grounded, she’s a calm, lovely, and beautiful lady. They were a blast to spend the day with. Both bride and groom got ready at La Primavera in Vaughn Ontario, in different rooms of course. Hopping from bride to groom taking photos, it was actually the guys who were running all over the place, the girls were calm, cool and collected. When Samantha was ready we staged an entrance for her to see her Dad for the first, last time as a single woman. The ceremony was beautiful, set under a tent next to a beautiful fountain, a fusion of traditions to represent the blending of two cultures. The reception was a blast; starting things off with a cocktail hour with a martini ice shoot, then the first dance, followed by speeches and dinner, then came the entertainment for the guests, Dancers preforming a traditional Nicaraguan dance.

Norman with his natural fun loving smile.

Norman gave Samantha a gift the morning for the wedding, a pair of beautiful diamond earrings. As the make-up artist was trying to finish Samantha’s make-up she began to cry at the touching note Norman had written in the card. Much eye dabbing followed.

Samantha’s Father reaction to seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time. Some teary eyed hugs followed. Then her father escorted her to the ceremony site.

Ring Bearer and Flower girl posing for the camera…putting on their “best” face¬† :p

Nicaraguan Dancers

The garter…Samantha played a little trick on her new husband..hehehe.

My Favorite Photo of the Day


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